Tenting Fun & Sidewalk Burns

August 20th

Today after I dropped Chloe & Mia off, Sophia & I went straight to my mom’s to clean. When we came in, Ben naturally was excited to see Sophia, and gave her a hug….but then he came and gave me a hug too!!! :D For those of you who don’t know him, that’s a big deal. Apparently after almost a year of seeing him every Sunday and Tuesday consistently, he finally accepts me as “in”. LOL So he & Sophia played (and fought…a lot) while I cleaned.



He’s been shadowing her every move, and I think she was starting to get a little annoyed :P It was strange today, because instead of taking my time and putting Sophia down for a nap like I normally would, I had to leave in time to go get Chloe from school. An adjustment we’re going to have to perfect, because Sophia was falling asleep on the way there. :/ After we picked her up, we came home for lunch and Chloe said that it was a long day :) Good thing she’s only going half-day and not full-day! I laid her in my bed for some quiet time while Sophia napped, fully expecting her to fall asleep, but she didn’t! When she came out she asked if she could make a tent and have a snack while watching a movie. I told her I liked the tent and snack idea, but how ’bout we do it outside instead? She liked that idea.

1229681_10151871525425719_1928374079_o 1229753_10151871529625719_2026058996_o


When Tony got home, he tried his hand and grilling a whole chicken “under bricks” while the girls played outside. They rode their “tractor” around for a while, when from the kitchen through the open windows I hear Chloe screaming “Stop!!!!” over and over. I run to the front door to look, and Chloe had been being dragged behind while Sophia drove. (because she was holding onto the back and running after her, like her daddy told her not to!!!)Her shorts had rolled down, and the sidewalk skinned her from her navel and on down south of there. :(¬†Too south for me to take a picture even. And she literally cried pretty much non-stop for the next 2 hours. We tried everything to ease the burning. Bactine with pain relief, Dermoplast, Neosporin with pain relief….NOTHING would stop her screaming. Finally, at 7:30 Sophia had finished her dinner and was watching Toy Story 2 while Tony & I cleaned the kitchen, and Chloe heard it and wanted to watch. So she hurried and shoveled in some dinner, and went to join her sister. -_- It was an extremely frustrating evening.


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2 responses to “Tenting Fun & Sidewalk Burns

  1. Aunt Kim

    Poor Chloe…..I hope she’s feeling better now!

  2. Larry D'

    Sorry that Chloe got hurt! :(

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